How To: Put enamel pins together on an itabag

All Things Ita bag! 

There is really no right or wrong way to style your itabag. The original style is geared towards one particular character, however don't let that stop you from mixing it up! Personally I like having a crazy assortment as that's how I collect. I have made both a random bag and a dedicated bag to my love Pikachu.

The first step is to gather all the things you want to put on your bag and arrange - rearrange - to the left to the left - you get it. Just don't fully commit to attaching anything until you have a basic idea for the layout you want. Otherwise it's just a waste of time. I like to arrange like colors together - for example if a pin is both white and pink, I find another pin with white (or) pink on it and put them together! It's a decently simple technique that can make your layout look cohesive.


ita bag purse by daymare shop

Above is a picture of the Daymare itabag by @holoqueen whitterbug. 
I absolutely love that she used a 90's space theme and covered her insert with a colorful wrap! Those colors are INSANE and the black of the bag makes a great backdrop to make everything pop. 

sailor moon ita bag

Itabag picture by Kimberly Irvine
Her theme is can you guess it? Sailor Moon! I LOVE how she put two wings on the outside of the bag corners. The ita bag tote is awesome if you have very large pins like Kimmi as there is TONS of room! 


pikachu itabag

This pic is by me! I just had to create a layout for the love of my life Pikachu! He is a little squished so if you do want to add plushies to your ita tote I suggest using smaller ones than I did... he looks like he is exposing himself haha. 


ita purse daymare

Speaking of large pins.. check out this cute simple layout by

Due to the large size of these pins the picture almost makes the tote bag look small! I commented on her pic on Instagram saying how small the bag looked and she said "Definitely giant pins. The tote is nice and roomy. The little Rags Snow White, in the lower right is a more typical Disney pin size. 

Do you have gigantic pins? 


ita purse

This last image is by @divinepasserine and I just love the bird vibes. The purse was a small itabag that is now sold out sorry guys!! I am working on a new design for a small purse and will have a Kickstarter up and running in a month or so. 

How do you style your ita bag? Let me know and comment below!




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