So when I say about "us" what I really mean is about me! Daymare is all run by one lil lady, Jess.

The short summary of below =

  • The Beginning - Lapel Pins
  • Seeing Beauty in Darkness
  • Developed the First High-Quality Ita Bag
  • The Future - Creating Non-Ita Bags Too!
  • I'm Canadian Eh
  • Support Small Business
  • n' last but not least I LOVE YOU ALL! 
Canadian Ita Bag Designer from Daymare

Daymare started as an enamel pin shop. With designs inspired by seeing beauty in darkness.

More specifically, accepting my own inner demons and struggles with mental health. 

After a few years of designing pins I was introduced to ita bags. I reallllllly needed one myself, but there were only overly cutesy and young ones out there. I found a few sophisticated ones but they were all crap quality. 

Sooo... I took a HUGE risk and developed the very first high-quality ita bag that was funded on Kickstarter! Since then I have developed several bags and strive to make each one better than the last. 

My purse obsession has always been high, and I just can't stop designing them. My next leap will be creating some non-ita purses too. 

Everything is designed and shipped from my home in Edmonton Canada. I am super grateful to my husband who has let me take over my basement with boxes of stock lol. 

So yea, if you read this thanks so much for being here and supporting a small artist business. Seriously, Daymare is literally run on your support!


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