How To: Set up your Enamel Pins for Photography

How To: Set up your Enamel Pins for Photography

compact photography setup

I have recently changed my setup for photography. Damn it's not pretty but it works! The absolute KEY to producing a good photograph is LIGHTING. So before this set-up I used to photograph everything outside. This worked for me for a while but honestly, I was sick and tried of the set-up and tear down. Not to mention the weather has to be nice and I'm from Canada where the winters are loooong. 

My setup is on a small table in the corner of my office. The table is covered with a soft purple fabric. I also have a large canvas I covered with purple stick-on drawer liner to serve as a backdrop. Above that is a cork board attached to the wall to get pins out of the way when needed or to use as a photography backdrop as well.

On the left you can see a fuzzy purple pillow and a polka-dot curtain I pin on the wall or push to the side when not in use. Finally overhead - thanks to my super duper helpful husband - is bolted what was a floor lamp to the wall. These lights are freaking awesome!! There are 6 lights in total which can turn only a few on at a time or all at once. I switched the light bulbs to a white light perfect for pictures. 

how to photograph enamel pins

The best part about photographing enamel pins is that you don't need a large space to do so! Above you can see I am doing a pin arrangement for an Instagram post. 

enamel pin collection

Ta-daaaa! The final image - you would have absolutely NO idea the surrounding mess even exists lol. I absolutely LOVE creating pin collection photos, not just because they are stupid kawaii, but because I can support spreading the word about other makers in the pin industry! The large cute pill upper right is by @kittynaut, the heart popsicle by @girlypopbows, the mermaid by @fourseasonsfox, the circle flower by @lightofthemoonpins, the skull by @radgirlcreations, the turquoise red panda by @pepzart, the cloud by @spoque and the rest of the enamel pins are by me Daymare! 

Who wants an in depth tutorial on how I edit photo's on Photoshop? Comment and let me know! 


Daymare * Inspired by a Cute Nightmare

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