Pin Attachements

Pin Attachements

Which one should you choose

QUICK Recommendation: Affordable: Rubber (middle) Best: Locking Back

[1] The butterfly Clasp has been the standard pin back for years. It is lightweight, opens easily and is also known as a military clutch. 

[2] The Rubber pin backs were introduced to the pin game a few years back and are softer against the skin. Rubber backings are best used for heavy wear and tear. They are easy on the fingernails and longer-lasting than the butterfly clasp. They are generally secure but can stretch over time as they are removed and used again. If you notice they pull off your pin too easily it would be a good time to exchange them for new backings. 

[3] Locking Pin Backs (aka "Pinsurance") These pin backings are the most premium choice as they lock your pin in place without worrying it will pop off and resulting in a lost pin. They are made of a strong durable metal that won't loosen over time. They are also comfortable against the skin with a smooth top.

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