What is an ita bag?

If you're a fan of anime merch and/or a pin collector, you might have heard of "ita bags" before. What is an ita bag? How do you build one? What items go best on them? 

black ita bag backpack

The term "ita" is a Japanese word that refers to an item covered in merchandise. It roughly translates to "painful bag" by referring to how expensive all the merch is being displayed. These bags are popular in Japan and in the anime community. 

Ita bags used to be an exclusive community, but now it has expanded to many pin collectors. The above bag is by Daymare (that's me! lol) and was designed to have an expanding front window that can easily display a lot of different merch no matter what side of the ita bag community you're in!

What goes on an Ita Bag? 

There has been a bit of a debate on how to style an ita bag. The original classic style is to center it around a favorite character from an anime, movie, comic, any character you're obsessed with really. 

Personally, I am a pin collector so I really center my ita bags around those. 

Ultimately, you decide what items you want!

You can put:

  • lapel pins
  • button badges
  • stickers
  • chains
  • pom-poms
  • photos
  • keychains
  • charms
  • honestly there are no rules!

Have Fun!

Carrying your cute merch gives a stupid amount of joy every time you reach for your bag. I highly recommend giving it a go! You can go full out and cover your bag, or be a little more subtle with it to start. 

I have created ita bags with a luxury style that look amazing with every outfit.

Since you're here why not check out some Daymare Bags

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